Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lagunitas - IPA

As time goes on, I am learning to love this brewery more and more. This beer sure does not hurt that love that is growing so quickly.

OK so first off I am generally not a giganticly huge fan of IPA's, as time grows on my pallet is slowly expanding to incorporate their more hippy bitter flavor, but I tend to enjoy a "smoother" beer. But, I digress it is creaping up on me that there are IPAs out there that are worth a damn... and this is definately one of them.
On first pour, there is little head with no lacing left on the glass as what little head forms diminishes. It pours a lovely golden clear that reminds me a lot of a cheep bud light or phrase, which is a little scary, but don't worry... Smell is that of a typical IPA, nothing out of the ordinary here. Just a nice crisp hoppish smell.
When it comes to taste what more can I say but "perfect"! Sure its slightly bitter, and pretty hoppy, but it is the perfect balance of all their tastes that really brings this beer together. Sure you can go out and buy a super IPA on steroids that flattens your face with one giant hop that flies out of the bottle, giving you a black eye and simultaniously making your wife/husband/dog point and laugh at your ignorance for buying an overpriced beer that is over the top in just one flavor. Why not buy one that is good and drinkable? Because that's what beer is for right? Its not like its a shot of tequila that you choke down in one gulp, its a product that you are more than likely going to take a while to drink and enjoy.
OK, so rant over. All that being said, this beer has a perfect balance between the hops, the bitterness, the slight nuttieness, and the little bit of grains poking through the flavor palette that makes up the whole of this beer. It finishes with a clean non bitter or sour finish that continue to keep this beer better than a lot of others in this catagory.
Keep it up Lagunitas, hopefully my future tastings will continue like this one.

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