Monday, February 28, 2011

Schlafly - Scotch Ale

I am a big fan of Scotch, and I'm a big fan of beer, so this should be a pretty cut and dry review right? Not really... it is a very complex and kind of different beer that suits tonight perfectly. Its not too cold its not too warm, but it sure as hell doesn't seem right to drink a porter and surely doesn't feel fully like Wheat beer season just yet...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Avery - collaboration not litigation

This is a weird beer, this is not a bad thing. As a matter of fact, I love this beer. It is very possibly one of my favorite beers at the moment.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

explosive grafitti

This is mind blowing... literally. i just want to know exactly how he did it. 

Riot Room Carousel Cronicles EP7

The guys at the Riot Room have posted another episode of the Carousel Chronicles. Good bar, Good people, GREAT BEER, good times. DONT WHEEZE THE JUICE!

Bells Two Hearted Ale

I have always heard good things about the Bells brewery, but never felt like trying their beers... Every time I was in an adventerous beer mood I always went with something new or different from some brewery from the outskirts if Idaho or some stupid place that no one has heard of... But their beer is in my favorite liqour store, so it must be good... Right?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Please Stop Radiohead

Radiohead, what are you doing? Why do you keep putting out weirdly bland and non intriguing albums? I am not a purveyor of drugs making better music, but i think that ever since they stopped doing drugs, their music has gotten worse and worse. It pained me to listen to this album from front to back, and I love Radiohead! They just need to stop, however i have to commend them in the fact that they have become such an icon that they dont even really sell their albums any more, they just say "hey merry christmas, now come pay 300 bucks a ticket to see us live", and they sell out every show. Marketing genius if you ask me. Maybe they should stop playing music and become a marketing firm..?

Now if you do want to hear a good spacey album that you dont have to be high on every drug available simultaneously to enjoy, pick up Autolux's "Transit Transit". It took me a few listens before it sunk in completely, yet still amazed me from note 1.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The "black and tan" or how I learned to stop caring and love dark beers

Like alot of people I never liked dark beers, always saying "i dont want to chew my beer!". The problem is that, like many americans, I am not the biggest fan of bitter beers or those that have a heavy coffee taste. I am not a coffee drinker as it is, so why would I want my beer to taste like it? Mainly I got brain washed (like many have) that bud heavy and pbr are beer... I am sorry, but they are to beer what Dr. Dre is to punk rock... The beers I guzzled in college only deserve the name of beer as they will get you get you drunk if you drink a absolute gigantic ammount of it.
As time went on living in KC I got more interested in craft beers, the Boulevard brewery was right down the street and I got heavily into their wheat beer. Then I dicovered a couple of liqour stores that had beers I had only heard in whispers as I passed bars on the weekends. All of a sudden I was randomly buying beers off the shelf and finding some amazing stuff and some really bad stuff posing in a fancy expensive bottle. But there were still few dark beers that struck my fancy. I tried porters, stouts, oatmeal stouts, chocolate stouts and porters. Then I thought back to a drink named the "black and tan", you may have heard of it...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Avery Ellies Brown Ale

This brewery always suprises me, I dont believe there has ever been a beer from this brewery that I dont like. That being said, I like this beer, but I dont "looooovvvvve" this beer...

It has a very sugary ale smell to it, and tastes very similar. It has a slight malty  and a very sugary body. I just wish it would have had a thicker body. The finish of the beer is a slightly white sugar, when I was hoping for a more brown sugar finish.

Ok so now that I am done bashing it, I really do like this beer, I just wish it was just a little better. It is a pretty crisp brown ale that is mighty refreshing from a great company that I dont mind supporting.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Boulevard/Christoper Elbow chocolate ale

If you are from the KC area and you dont live under a rock, you know about this beer... Usually that is a death wish for any brewery. But this is a rare exception to this rule. Holy batmans dirty underwear this beer is good.

Lagunitas olde gnarleywine

This being the first time I have had this beer, I was not sure what to expect as this is the first brew of this brand I have had as well, I am not the biggest barley wine guy, but its a genre that is growing on me.
Up front it has a huge body and mouth full like a stout, but with a upfront taste of malty brown sugar. There is a slight hoppy citrus bite in the background that fills out the whole flavor pallet.
There is not alot of head, but that is fine with me, I prefer to drink my beer, not watch it. It smells just exactly as it tastes too.
Over all I love this beer... But not for what it is right now, but for what it will taste like in a couple of months after I age a few bottles and the flavors coalesce some more. So this review will probably repeat in 6 months and a year.
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