Monday, February 21, 2011

Please Stop Radiohead

Radiohead, what are you doing? Why do you keep putting out weirdly bland and non intriguing albums? I am not a purveyor of drugs making better music, but i think that ever since they stopped doing drugs, their music has gotten worse and worse. It pained me to listen to this album from front to back, and I love Radiohead! They just need to stop, however i have to commend them in the fact that they have become such an icon that they dont even really sell their albums any more, they just say "hey merry christmas, now come pay 300 bucks a ticket to see us live", and they sell out every show. Marketing genius if you ask me. Maybe they should stop playing music and become a marketing firm..?

Now if you do want to hear a good spacey album that you dont have to be high on every drug available simultaneously to enjoy, pick up Autolux's "Transit Transit". It took me a few listens before it sunk in completely, yet still amazed me from note 1.

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