Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bells Two Hearted Ale

I have always heard good things about the Bells brewery, but never felt like trying their beers... Every time I was in an adventerous beer mood I always went with something new or different from some brewery from the outskirts if Idaho or some stupid place that no one has heard of... But their beer is in my favorite liqour store, so it must be good... Right?

So this time I finaly was adventurous in a lazy way, and got something that I have always been told was good stuff. Wow, I should have listened earlier. Im not a huge fan of IPAs as I usually find them to hoppy and bitter (god forbid I know), but this was a refreshing change, or not a change at all (i will explain a little later).
On first pour into a pilsner glass it has a decent head thats not over the top and doesnt stick around for too long. About 1 to 2 fingers worth. The first impression smell wise is some floral notes with a lot of citrus and some pine hints.
It tastes about like you would expect it to from the smell, but with a dryer finish than I expected. On first sip it felt like it would have a really hard bitter hoppy finish, but it ended with a lighter, crisper citrus, dry hop finish. All in all it is a very drinkable all night beer, yet still a very flavorful beer that doesnt dissapoint even if you are drinking one glass and calling it a night.
But here is where my dilema lies...
I live in KC, home to the nations 2nd largest craft brew, Boulevard. I love their beer, alot. Not because of the fact that my house is less than 5 miles from the brewery, but because they are dedicated to the craft of making great beer. If I was offered a job there, I would take it in a heart beat. Ok, so I swear im getting to a point here...
The point is that this tastes like a cross between their double wide IPA and their 21st anny pale ale... The later will never rear its head to the public ever again. Do I buy this beer to quench my undying thirst for the 21st anny or do I support my home town brewery that I love and buy the double wide IPA? Only time and a growing beer belly will tell. One thing for sure, is that slowly, but surely I will be trying the whole bells line up. And right now I dont think I will be dissapointed.
Thank you random beer selection odds for allowing me to choose this brand.
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