Monday, February 14, 2011

Boulevard/Christoper Elbow chocolate ale

If you are from the KC area and you dont live under a rock, you know about this beer... Usually that is a death wish for any brewery. But this is a rare exception to this rule. Holy batmans dirty underwear this beer is good.

This first impression is the smell, it is like unwrapping a gourmet chocolate bar. Second impression is the head, jesus, it is huge and takes forever to go away. Normally I would rant about this, but this is an exception. The rediculous abundance of head on this beer is a god send. It keeps you from drinking it...

This beer is not a typical chocolate stout or porter, it is an ale. But it still behaves the same, when cold it is only so so. But once it has a minute to warm up it is a whole new monster. It has a maltieness to it and a general brown ale feel, but with a huge chocolate body. The weirdest part is that you expect a stout cream mouth coating feel to it, but this beer is crisp and very ale like.

It was definately not what I expected, but that is not a bad thing. I will put it this way, if it comes out again next year I will buy multiple bottles again. However next time I will not be sending extras to a good friend in Cali...

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