Monday, March 21, 2011

Flying Dog - Snake Bite IPA

I'm trying to like this beer, I really am, I swear... but its just not happening. I didn't even bother to take a picture for your enjoyment, go figure.
Poured, it has a nice hazy yellow gold color with about 1 finger head that leaves a good ammount of lacing behind. It has a very spicy aroma that kind of tingled the nose. But the taste is where it got me...
It starts with your typical IPA floral citrus notes but then as it finishes it leaves a bitter sour aftertaste that just completely ruins this beer for me. It is like taking a big bite of a chocolate bar and swallowing it only to look down at the wrapper and realize you just ate a huge hunk of laxative... it starts tasty, but it doesn't finish that way. You guys that like bitter beers, this is one for you. But its not for me... just not my style.

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