Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flying Dog - Tire Bite Golden Ale

Hunter S Thompson eat your heart out, wait... drink your heart out... wait your dead and me saying crap like this is sacrilegious to good literature. But this sure as hell is a good beer!
On first pour it has a slight hazy golden color and a slightly hoppy and spicy smell. I can't put my finger on it, but its something different than your average amber ale. It has very little head, just enough to be worth while but not enough that you have to sit there and stare at your beer for 10 minutes before you can actually drink it.
On first taste I fell in love. It has kind of a standard amber ale feel, but with a lot of flavor to it. That same spice that you pick up in smell comes through in the flavor along with a fist full of hops. It is slightly more carbonated than I normally prefer, but on the up side it is a little heavier in body. This is a big plus to me, it is crisp in finish, but you can tell you are drinking something other than flavored water.
This is an all around good beer,even though it is more carbonated than o normally prefer, that just means more farting and belching for me. And well, everybody loves to fart and belch. Flying Dog brewery I give you a high five for such a great beer, actually as a matter of fact my Boston terrier gives a nice healthy fart of approval as well. She didn't drink any of the beer, but she wanted to share how much she likes to fart!

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