Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chimay - Grand Reserve

Oh my god I am I loathe... I say that because I loathe the fact that I can not drink this beer all the time since it is fairly pricey. OK, its not too bad, but its enough to make me squirm just a bit...
I poured this guy into my favorite chalice, *ahem* one of my wife's wine glasses... it poured with a 2 finger head, and it has a very earthy brown color to it. On the smell front it has a fruity aroma that is very figgy. Just the smell makes your mouth water in a way that that only a really great beer can.
Taste wise it mirrors the smell very closely. It has a pretty heavy body, with a huge in your face flavor. But like all fantastic beers the flavors come together in a perfect fashion. Nothing is to overbearing, just well perfect... It has a hearty back bone that is not hugely unlike a farmhouse ale that is rich in body and moves to a sweet fig maltiness and brown sugar finish. It has a slight more carbonation than I would have liked, but this just makes me want to age a bottle for a couple of months and see how it evens out. But this isn't anything bad, I just like ales like this to be a little less bubley...
If I could bathe in this beer I totally would, granted this would be a slightly sticky endeavor that would waste far to much beer that no one would ever want to drink after that atrocity. But yes it really is that good.
Dear monks that brew this beer, I love you.

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