Monday, March 7, 2011

Avery - White Rascal

I love this meaty beer. Wait did I just call a beer meaty? I think I did...

So first off I'm pissed off at my self for getting this in a build your own six pack and only getting one. Big mistake. I should have known better when it is an Avery brew that it is going to be good. This is probably now my go to wheat beer, sorry Boulevard, but yours simply does not match up...
On first pour it has about 1 finger of head, just right for me. It has your typical wheat beer smell with a slight cooked steak smell to it, no seriously. It has a hazy pale amber pour to it, I guess that's where they got the white part in White Rascal...
OK so on to how it tastes. It has a fairly heavy body for a wheat beer, which do tend to be a little heavier to begin with. Were not talking stout or Porter heavy, but just a little more than normal. On to the flavor... it has a very wheaty and barleyish taste that is very light in flavor with some slight citrus notes and maybe just a hair of fig and possibly a little Ginger in there too. It is not necessarily a crisp beer though. This is not a work in the yard all day than drink this to refresh your self, this is more of a "I'm eating a big steak and want something with a more earthy taste to balance my meal". OK so now the explanation of the meaty taste. Part of the whole flavor backbone of this beer is a earthy savory taste, the only comparison I can give is like they blended a perfectly seasoned and cooked steak in with the beer. So that sounds pretty disguising... but it really isn't. It has that same soft lingering aftertaste as if you had just finished a great steak. Weird I know, but true.
The great thing about this beer is that it is something I could drink all night long and not get tired of. The only thing that I wish is that Avery would make a Biere de garde from which this was the base of. It would probably dethrone Schlafly's beire de garde as my favorite in that category.
All in all, a big thumbs up to Avery on this one, you have officially made a boulevard wheat beer convert out of me, and that is saying a lot, because I love that beer.

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