Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tallgrass Brewing - Halcyon wheat

I have a serious soft spot for unfiltered wheat beers, and this brew has been highly recommended by some friends of mine so I figured I would check it out... wow, am I glad o did.
So on first pour it seems almost identical to my local legend that is boulevard wheat. Huge head, really hazy, like can't see though it hazy, some citrus smell of lemon and orange, and a little dirt. I mean what good is a wheat beer if you can't taste the dirt it came from? Then I tasted it...
It seems like a adopted child to boulevard wheat. This is not a bad thing... The classic story of two brothers that think they are blood till the age of 21 and then mom gets drunk and lets the beans spill on their past. The two are still loved equally, but the differences between the two become obvious once the truth is out.
Both beers have same flavor back bone, but in a slightly different balance. Boulevard focuses a little more on the citrus aspect, where as tall grass seems to focus more on the earthy wheaty aspect of the brew.
Both are good but neither one is better perse', it just depends on the mood you are on that night. If you want a little more fruit, go with boulevard, if you want more wheat, go with the tall grass. This is definitely not a replacement for my classic stand by, it simply stands as an alternative when I want something a little different.

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