Monday, April 18, 2011

Odell - Easy Street Wheat

I have a big spot in my heart for wheat beers, living in a city that produces the best wheat beer that I have ever tasted (boulevard wheat beer) any new wheat beer I taste has a big task ahead on the road ahead. Most simply compare, but I think I may have found a contender...
It pours amazingly clear for being unfiltered. Granted my hometown brew is very opaque, but this is in almost pale ale/ipa land in realms of clarity. There is about a half a finger of head with absolutly no lacing as you drink it. On the smell front it is earthy with some lemonish citrus notes.
Ok so now the important part, the taste... it has a nice earthy maltiness to it. It has a little more hops to it than I was expecting. Most wheats leave the hops on the down low, this beer brings it out, not to the extreme but to a good equalibrium with the malts. Just enough for a slight bitter bite to give this wheat beer a slight kick in the tongue. The really weird part is that for an unfiltered wheat with this ammount of clarity is that it has a much bigger body than was expected at first. Then the carbonation hits, and all of a sudden it makes sense. With the extra body, a slight hit of hops and a nice amount of citrus, when the carbonation comes in, it takes the whole traditional wheat flavor profile and and takes it to a crisper level that most wheat beers can not match.
Do I like it more than boulevards wheat or averys white rascal... no. Would I consider it to be in a different catagory... yes. I would consider this to be an amber ale brewed in the style of a wheat. It is definately a drink all night or at a hot out door bbq, all in all very refreshing.  Odell, I like you... you should send me some free beer. I swear I won't mind...

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