Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anchor Brewing - Liberty Ale

This is a brewery that has always been intrigued with as they have seemed to have this old world nostalgia about them. The beer really seems to follow.
This is a beer that I could somehow see my self sailing the seven seas with an eye patch and a peg leg with. Not in my top 10, but still good. Let me explain...
It pours with a huge frothing head that does recesses pretty quickly as well as leave a pretty decent lace on the glass. On the aroma side of things it has a malty wheatiness to it that is a nice slightly spicy crisp refreshing smell.
Taste wise is where it leaves me with a "meh" feeling. It just kind of feels standard to me, a good standard, but standard non the less. It has all the standard flavor backbone of a good solid wheat beer but with the addition of a bitter hops note and a spice that I can't quite put my finger on, maybe nutmeg..? To be honest it seems like a slightly more bitter and spicy boulevard wheat beer, which to be honest I prefer over this beer. This is mainly because of the way it finishes, its not a bad finish, but the flavor profile changes though the finish. It mellows as time goes on, but in the end it goes to a very malty note that kind of contradicts the other flavors. It also leaves a very flowery aftertaste that is an interesting surprise, but doesn't fit the other flavors that are predominant in the beer.
OK so all in all, I spent this whole review comparing two beers that are of two different styles, but at the same time have the same flavor profile. They just hit the tongue different. Do I prefer wheat beers? Kinda. Do I still like this beer? Yes. Is my dog jealous of me right now? I don't know... why the hell would my dog be jealous?..

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